Pathetic is an upcoming 360 degree black comedy in which the viewer is transported inside the head of Costa, a nihilistic, misanthropic recovering alcoholic, as he embarks on a journey towards self-acceptance triggered by a chance encounter at an AA meeting.

As well as co-writing the script with my friend and colleague Fiona Nicholson, I am also the co-producer, location sound recordist, post-production sound editor, composer and lead voice actor.

Drawing inspiration from Peep Show, The Office and Being John Malkovitch, Pathetic explores themes such as alcoholism, self-harm and cult membership.

The film will utilise 3D sound design in order to heighten the viewer’s sense of immersion.

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The Girls

The Girls is an upcoming Comedy short written and directed by Olivia Joyce and starring Sue Roderick (Twin Town), Melanie Walters (Gavin and Stacey), Mair Rowlands (35 Diwrnod) and Rhodri Meilir (Pride, My Family).


The action focuses on three middle aged women; Rhona, Gaynor and Bronwen, as they seek to avenge the vandalism of Rhona’s vegetable patch. Accompanied on their quest by Rhona’s Jack Russell, Charlotte Church, the trio at first wrongly accuse Aled Roderick, a James Bond fanatic and occasional lover of Gaynor, before eventually uncovering the truth.

I was the location sound recordist for this production.



The Lonely One

The Lonely One is a short stop motion film I made while studying for my foundation diploma at The City of Liverpool College.
The Lonely One represents my first attempt at animation, and is the spiritual predecessor to my current project, The Sickly One. Although technically amateurish, I am still proud of the film as I feel that it is successful in invoking a sense of atmosphere and story world.

A detailed making of blog is available at

A Very Nice Romance

In my second year at university I worked as location sound recordist for ‘A Very Nice Romance’, an interactive multi-platform parody of dating agencies and apps.
The experience was centered around ‘Qupid’, a fictional dating agency with a sinister, Orwellian agenda.

I was responsible for location sound at our live speed-dating event, a complex setup involving multiple microphones and recorders, as well as a series of comedy shorts following Sandra and Gary, Qupid’s ‘model couple’. I also contributed creative ideas and edited the pamphlet that was printed as part of the promotional material for the project.